About Us

Growing up in Italy, Marco learned early from his mother the way around a kitchen and the importance of cooking with fresh ingredients. At chef school, Marco sharpened his skills and built upon his own flair for experimentation and creation. Starting with fresh peppers and tomatoes, Marco's Sauces are a labor of love and passion for flavorful cooking.

Engaging the taste buds of friends and family to sample "Daddy's latest concoctions", Marco perfects tangy, aromatic sauces and salsas that "make the tongue go crazy." Launching a family business,

Marco cooks up creations that arouse taste sensations for all to enjoy. Great recipes start with Marco’s NOT YET FAMOUS SAUCES - made from all fresh and natural ingredients with no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.

Become your own chef and create dishes that exclaim “Il gusto profumato”.