If you are looking for a delectable distinctive taste in a sauce or a salsa, then search no more.

Introducing MARCO’S NOT YET FAMOUS Sauces and Salsas – a unique line of gourmet products intended to please the palate of friends and family alike.

You will savor the exclusive “roasted” or “slightly burnt” zest at the heart of these distinctive sauces, where every bottle or jar offers a unique blend of fresh and roasted to perfection natural ingredients including red peppers, chilies, onions, garlic and spices.

Our enterprise delivers an array of flavorful products - all intended to delight your taste buds. We are dedicated to serving up high quality products offering luscious indulgence.

For an aromatic meal, try our flavorful hot and mild sauces created with a perfected heat that tantalize your taste buds not set your mouth afire.

Looking for a delicious salsa? Why not try one of our gourmet salsas such as Chunky Roasted Vegetable or Chunky Black Bean and Corn. For an exotic taste try our Chunky Mango Pineapple Salsa, made to perfection for a refreshing taste. All of our salsas are available in Mild or Medium heat.

We invite you to enjoy our sauces to enhance any of your favorite dishes including ribs, salmon, spaghetti, chicken, just to name a few. Click on “RECIPE” link for great recipes that start with Marco’s sauces from our kitchen to yours.

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Award-Winning Recipes





Roasted Vegetable Salsa won 3rd Place 2007 in the UNIQUE SALSA Category

Corn and Black Bean Salsa won 3rd Place 2008 in the MILD/MEDIUM SALSA category.

Famous..? Not yet, but we are working on it one jar at a time.